Instruments for Crude Oil, Lubricant and other Petroleum Products Analysis

In this section, you find our lab, in-line and field instruments for analyzing crude oil, lubricants and further products of the petrochemical and refinery industry.

The Wax Flow Loop for Paraffin and Wax Deposition Analysis.
The Wax Flow Loop

Lab-scale simulation of paraffin deposition in pipelines becomes more and more important for inhibitor development and efficiency testing: Our Wax Flow Loop will be your right choice. 

Pipeline Restart Loop for Yield Point Measurement inside the Pipeline.
Pipeline Restart Loop for Yield Point Measurement inside the Pipeline.

An oil's yield point is usually determined by measuring the yield stress in a rotational viscometer and extrapolating to shear rate 0. However, this method is very inaccurate compared to measuring the yield point at zero flow rate, full pressure and inside a pipeline. Our Pipeline Restart Loop is designed for exactly this task.

6-Place Cold Finger after Test.
6-Place Cold Finger after Test.

Our Multi-Place Cold Finger instrument is for fast, parallel paraffin inhibitor testing. 6 or 12 tests can be run simultaneously to compare differenty chemicals or varying inhibitor concentrations.

The MicroPVT for Complex Fluid Analysis
The MicroPVT

We are specialists in the field of viscosity measurement. What about fluid properties like the bulk modulus or just the paraffin content of a crude oil? We have a very interesting instrument for that, the MicroPVT.
Do you want to know at which pressure gas hydrates occur? Or do you want to measure the thermal conductivity of fluids?

If you do not find what you are looking for, please contact us. We design and develop custom-made lab instruments. That is our profession.