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Turbidimeter - Flocculation Tester

Detecting particles, opacity and tarnish in fluids is a common task in a wide variety of industries and fields of research.

Developed for customers in the oil industry, the Turbidimeter made by F5 Technologie is able to detect particles (e.g. flocculation point of asphaltenes) in any petroleum product, even very dark fluids as undiluted crude oils.

The instrument is intended primarily as a laboratory diagnostic tool for research on oilfield chemicals (e.g. asphaltene inhibitors) and estimating the colloidal stability or compatibility parameters of asphalt, asphalt cross blends, aged asphalt, pyrolyzed asphalt, crudes and heavy oil, or residuum. Compatibility influences important physical properties of these materials as well as the formation of coke which causes fouling in refining processes.

The system combines a very sensitive optical sensor with a special broad band light source. The light diffraction problems of optical laser systems are not an issue for our instrument.

Our Turbidimeter's features:

Our Turbidimeter is expandable to a complete, automated measuring site including titration pump, stirrer and thermostat.

Data Sheet (PDF)
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