Lab Viscometer

Quarz Lab Viscometer: Easy handling, no moving parts.
Quarz Lab Viscometer: Easy handling, no moving parts.

This quartz viscometer measures the viscosity and temperature of resting and flowing liquids as well.

Smallest sample amounts below 1 ml are sufficient.

The measuring head together with the provided screwable stainless steel sample cup build a sealed unit which can be immersed into any heating/cooling bath.

Further characteristics:

  • measuring of the pure dynamic viscosity, the kinematic viscosity is displayed simultaneously
  • easiest handling and cleansing
  • self-cleansing effect
  • also available as in-line process viscometer
  • with accu pack as portable viscometer
  • expandable to an automated viscometry site
  • Windows software for control and data visualisation

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Technical Properties:

  • Viscosity range: 0.1 to 500,000 mPas (depending on sensor), extended measuring range available, kinematic viscosity is calculated automatically
  • Reproducibility: ≤ 1% typ.  (for viscosities > 10 mPas)
  • Small sample volume down to 0.6 ccm possible
  • Short response time: 15 sec typ., one value every 3 sec
  • Pressure range: up to 25 bar (360 psi), more on request
  • Same measurement principle can be used in the lab and in-line
  • No moving parts: No wear
  • Very easy to clean and handle. Does not require special training
  • Small sensor dimensions give a high degree of flexibility
  • Type of flow (laminar/turbulent/none) does not disturb the results
  • Minimum cost for maintenance and service
  • Sensor is highly resistant to contamination and sedimentation; self-leaning effect due to high-frequency oscillation (56 kHz)
  • Process installation very easy due to different analog and digital interfaces including a controller output