MicroPVT Instrument

MicroPVT for measuring a fluid's p,V,T-diagram at pressures up to 5,000 bar (72,000 psi).
MicroPVT: Measuring a fluid's p,V,T-diagram at up to 5,000 bar (72,000 psi).

The MicroPVT has been developed to determine the physical, rheological and thermodynamic properties of fluids by measuring the change in volume of a sample under applied pressure.

These measurements can be performed at a range of temperatures to provide the volume to pressure relationship as a function of temperature.

The MicroPVT analyser is a small sized, light and safe measuring unit. The required sample volume is just 10 ml.

Based on the V(P) data one can calculate:

  • pressure function
  • relative volume
  • specific volume
  • density
  • derivatives aV/0P and 0P/0V
  • compression ratio
  • bulk modulus
  • strain relaxation times
  • viscosity



  • Testing of oils (hydraulic oil, crude oil, lubricants) and other fluids
  • Investigation of hydrate formation
  • Determining the paraffin content
  • Wax crystallisation temperature and pressure
  • Density over temperature
  • Bulk modulus
  • Dynamic viscosity at high pressures and wide range shear rates
  • Kinematic viscosity at high pressures


Technical Properties:

  • measures pressure, volume and temperature
  • pressure range: 0.1 to 5,000 bar (72,500 psi)
  • temperature range: -10°C to +150°
  • viscosity measuring range: 0.1 cP to 30,000 P
  • sample volume: 10 ml
  • weight: 10 kg