Multi-Place Cold Finger

Flow Assurance, Paraffin Deposition and Inhibitor Testing

Multi-Place Cold Finger Instrument for wax deposition tests. By F5 Technologie, Germany
6-Place Cold Finger Instrument

In analysing waxy crude oil and also in testing, developing and selecting wax inhibiting chemicals, it is of importance to perform tests in a fast and efficient way and under reproducible conditions.

The principle of the Cold Finger instrument is an inverted pipeline. The cooled metal finger simulates the pipeline’s inner wall. The heated and stirred oil flows around it. When the finger’s temperature falls below the WAT, wax starts to deposit on its surface.

Combining multiple cold finger devices in one heating bath gives the ability to perform surveys on wax inhibitors, e.g. simultaneous testing of different chemicals on a sample or one chemical with different concentrations.

The Cold Finger devices by F5 Technologie combine accuracy, ergonomics and flexibility to a maximum benefit to researchers and producers in the field of paraffin deposition inhibition. So, the experimental approach to paraffin deposition effects becomes reliable and reproducible.

Our Multi-Place Cold Finger instrument offers the following advantages:

  • Parallel measurements of different chemicals and/or different concentrations
  • Blank test for relative efficiency determination
  • The deposit is available for further examination after the test
  • Cold Fingers are exchangeable
  • Temperature probe on each cold finger for highest temperature accuracy
  • Sample jars are standard threaded bottles (GL45) with 100 or 250 ml volume

Cold Finger unit
Cold Finger unit

The sample bottles are filled with the sample and are screwed to the cold finger.
The picture on the left shows a 100 ml bottle. Bottles with a volume of up to 250 ml can be used.
Every unit has its own temperature probe, each cold finger temperature is controlled individually. So, different temperatures between the cold fingers and temperature ramps are possible.

Cold Finger in the bath
Cold Finger in the bath

The 6 (or 12 or 18) units are placed in the bath and the test is started with the pre-set start temperatures and stirring speeds (shear rates). After test time expiration, the cold finger units are taken out of the bath and the sample bottle is screwed off.

High pressure cold finger test cell
High pressure cold finger test cell

After the oil reminders have dripped off, the deposit is taken from the cold finger and is weighed. Comparative weighing of the deposit (e.g. by use of our automated balance) of treated and untreated samples show the effectiveness of the used chemical.
The cold fingers are replaceable, varying lengths and diameters are available.
We also have a fully compatible high pressure cold finger test cell available (see left).
Temperature ramps both for bath and cold finger temperature are programmable.

The effectiveness of the oil treatment with different chemicals or varying concentrations is already visible to the naked eye.

6 Cold Finger after the test, blank sample: no 6
6 Cold Finger after the test, blank sample: no 6

Technical Data

  • No of Cold Fingers: 6 (standard) or 12 (two independent bathes) or 18 (three independent bathes)
  • Sample jars: standard bottles (GL45), adjustable to volumes 100 or 250 ml
  • Pressure cells up to 1,450 psi (100 bar), more on request
  • Temperature ranges:
    - of sample: ambient to +60 °C or +90 °C or +120 °C (alternatives available)
    - of cold fingers: -22 °C to +60 °C or +90 °C (alternatives available)
  • Stirrer speed: 100 to 2000 rpm
  • Data display: PC and control display (fully functional stand-alone operation without PC possible)
  • Fully automated balance for deposit weighing available
  • Measurement data storage directly on USB stick or on PC
  • Software: WinCF for Windows XP/7/10
  • Power supply: 240 VAC / 50 Hz or 120 VAC / 60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 3200 W max