Water Quality Tester

Solids in Water Determination
according to  NACE TM-01-73  and  API PR 45

Water Quality Tester gemäss NACE TM-01-73
Water Quality Tester

Corrosion engineers in the oil and gas producing industry are often charged with the responsibility of evaluating and controlling the quality of injection waters.
Furthermore, pro- duction engineers are confronted with formation clogging by solids in produced water.

This instrument is suitable to determine the water quality of produced and subsurface injection water by use of membrane filters according to NACE TM-01-73and API PR 45. According to this method, the sample is pressed through the filter at constant pressure until a certain volume has passed the filter (procedure A) or for a set time (procedure B).

Pressure inlet 6 to 200 bar
Pressure inlet 6 to 200 bar

The apparatus consists of a sample reservoir (5 ltrs max) with two connectors: the pressurized gas inlet and the sample outlet. The sample outlet is connected to the filter holder, which is installed above a container on a digital balance.

Stainless steel filter holder
Stainless steel filter holder

After adjusting the test pressure, the automated test is started by clicking START on the PC screen. The valve opens and the gas flows into the sample vessel at controlled pressure. The sample is pressed through the filter and into the second container on the balance. The accumulated weight is read out continuously. When measuring according to procedure A, the valve closes when the setweight is reached.

Technical Data

  • Measured data: Sample pressure and weight of filtered sample
  • Pressurized gas supply: oil free pressurized air or similar
  • Input pressure: 5 to 200 bar (HP inlet for gas bottle / field application)
  • Output pressure: 10 to 50 psi, adjustable, controlled
  • Interface: 1x USB 1.1 or 2.0
  • Required PC: Standard PC with Windows 9x/NT/2k/XP/7
  • Power supply: 240 VAC / 50 Hz, alternatives available
  • Power consumption: 40 Watt max