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Dynamic Scale Loop (Differential Scale Loop)

Production engineers are responsible for the design, operation and efficiency of water handling systems in which thermal, pressure or chemical changes lead to scale deposition.

Our dynamic scale loops provide an accurate, reproducible and fast methods for selecting and quantifying the most effective means of controlling scale deposition under dynamic pipeline conditions.

The instrument is suitable to simulate process or reservoir temperatures of up to 280 °C and pressures of up to 1,000 bar (14,500 psi). Higher ratings can be provided if required. An integrated pH probe ist available. The system is very recommended where effects of pressure on scaling tendency are to be studied, and especially for examining the deposition of anhydride under dynamic conditions.

This instrument offers a variety of advantages:

The test pipelines are easily exchangeable with standard connections. The test pipelines have a defined inner roughness, which is highly important to assure reproducible test results.

Besides manual operation, our scale loops offer 2 different automated test methods:


Data Sheet (PDF)
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