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PPT: Pour Point Test

Flow Assurance and Inhibitor Testing

The Pour Point is a crucial parameter regarding flow assurance. The Pour Point tester by F5 Technologie operates according to an old, but still very widespread standard: the ASTM D97. Our PPT is available as an extension to our Multi-Place Cold Finger or as a complete stand-alone device.

Our PPT combines accuracy, ergonomics and flexibility to a maximum benefit to researchers and producers in the field of flow improvers.

The pour point is a fluid property which is often used in flow assurance applications. Our pour point tester works according to the wide-spread ASTM D97. Our PPT apparatus is available as stand-alone device but also as an extension to our Multi-Place Cold Finger as well.

Our pour point tester's advantages are:

Our PPT is described in our cold finger datasheet:

Data Sheet (PDF)
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